Written Testimonials

I was diagnosed with estrogen positive breast cancer 4 years ago Part of my treatment is to take an aromatase inhibitor for 7 years to prevent recurrence. This drug gave me severe side effects of bone pain, osteoporosis, dry hair and skin, brittle nails, vaginal atrophy, sleeplessness, depression, and loss of libido. I tried supplements, weight training, and even vaginal CO2 laser therapy to combat the debilitating side effects I was experiencing. I was ready to quit taking the drug and go for quality of life over quantity when Dr. Rebecca Glaser was recommended to me. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and enthusiastic and listened to how I was feeling. She prescribed a combination testosterone and anastrozole pellet implant. Within 2 weeks, all my side effects were gone. I have been on the hormone therapy for 1.5 years now and my latest bone density scan showed my osteopenia has improved. I am happier and healthier than I have been since I was diagnosed. She and her staff are amazing.



Ten Stars!
I want to appreciate Dr. Rebecca Glaser. Her extensive research on testosterone therapy for Men and Women has been so very valuable for so many people. I started treatment with Dr. Glaser a couple years ago. I am a 63 year old female. So I was 61 when I began treatment. At that point I had been without hormones for at least 5 years as is the rule for women that age. I have always been a very active person. I was a ballerina when I was young and an avid exerciser ever since.
However with no hormones for at least 5 years, I was lacking energy, depressed, no libido, bones were thinning (along with a couple fractures). I have also been hypothyroid since a little child and my thyroid had also become out of control at this point. Dr. Glaser’s therapy brought me back to life again. I am so very grateful.
People think that testosterone therapy is mainly just for libido, but it does so so much more for you than that. It increases your energy, takes away depression, strengthens bones, ligament and tendons. It lubricates the joints (I can bend down now without my knees hurting). It also makes you steadier on your feet and improves the skin. And since this therapy, my thyroid has been normal for 2 years! And all with no side effects.

Thank you again Dr. Glaser! You are truly the best. And love your staff also.

I have been seeing Dr. Glaser for several years and I have always received excellent care and results. The facility is spotless. Dr. Glaser and her staff are very personable, friendly and exceptionally knowledgeable. Great care was taken to assess my medical history and explain the testosterone pellet therapy. I have had excellent results with this therapy with increased memory function and better overall health, as well as total elimination of body aches and pains. Thank you Dr. Glaser.

I have been in Dr. Glaser’s hormone replacement therapy for PTSD, pain, ed, and overall wellness since 2013. Since I started her therapy I have what consider to be the most positive response in my PTSD. The fog as called, is cleared an a great awareness to be able to handle depression, stress and my PTSD is much more manageable. It is a must for veterans with PTSD and those suffering from it. My pain has decreased so much. Thank you! Dr. Glaser is a God send!

I would suggest Dr. Glaser and her biodentical hormone treatments to anyone suffering with MS. After years of suffering from sleepless nights, depression, achy joints and low energy levels I began hormone treatments. I believe the testosterone in particular has given me tremendous success in overcoming MS symptoms. I also watch my diet and do regular Vitamin B12 injections but the pellets seem to make the most difference in my overall health.

I have been going to Dr. Rebecca Glaser, for 11 years, I can sure tell when my Testosterone Pellets are wearing off, I have ache joints, irritability , brain fog, tired, no energy. I can even say it affects my hair and skin. I chose this route of pellet insertion, because your body only absorbs what is needed and doesn’t go through your Liver. Dr. Glaser is the best in Hormone Replacement Therapy.

I have been going to Dr. Glaser for several years. She goes out of the way to help and I have recommended her a lot of different people who all feel as I do about her.

In 2015, I was experiencing chronic insomnia, fatigue, panic attacks, anxiety, debilitating fear and depression, not wanting to be around people or drive. I cried easily and felt like I was losing my mind. After receiving Dr. Glaser’s testosterone pellets w/letrozole, I have no panic attacks, anxiety or depression, energy to spare, sleep well and have no side effects from my chemo. Her treatment literally saved my life and she is also my friend, always offering support and encouragement.

My psychologist referred me to Dr. Glaser’s office in Fall 2017. He told me a former client with depression had gotten treatment from Dr. Glaser and the next time he saw her, she did not even need therapy anymore. I had been battling severe major depressive disorder and anxiety disorder for two years. Symptoms of my illnesses had led to a psychiatric hospitalization, damaged relationships, and a lost job, among many other struggles. I was taking three psychotropic medications. They were keeping me alive and somewhat stable, but every day remained a battle. Additionally, I was dealing with side effects from the medications themselves. The first time I met Dr. Glaser, she looked at my medication list, then looked at me, and said, “We’re going to get you off these meds.” It was hard to believe that was possible, but I was full of hope. Within a few days of my first implantation, I felt dramatically different. My depression was significantly reduced, anxiety was better, and I was full of energy. The changes I felt lasted, and shortly thereafter, I started weaning myself off my psych meds. January 14, 2018 was my first day free from psych meds in over two years. There were a lot of side effects from going off the meds that had to be worked through, and some tweaking of my pellets to be done over the following months, but I continue to get more and more healthy as time goes on. It’s almost hard to believe, myself, how life altering treatment from Dr. Glaser has been. Every time I get my pellets, I think, “Am I really going to feel as amazing this time as I did last time?” And every time, I do. The icing on the cake is that April and everyone else in the office is simply wonderful. I just feel so GOOD, really cared for, every time I go there. There are not enough words to express my gratitude!

I have been going to Dr. Glaser for over ten years for bio-identical hormone therapy.  The results have been amazing.  I feel younger now than I did then, with more energy and muscle tone, which provide for a more positive and healthy life.
I chose Dr. Glaser because she is not only a pioneer in this field, but her background as an oncologist and breast surgeon make her uniquely qualified to provide the most expert administration of bio-identical hormone therapy.  My wife goes to her as well and we both know we are in good hands under her care.
In addition, Dr. Glaser is kind, caring and very bright.  I live in Florida and fly to Dayton Ohio to receive treatments. Two years ago, my red blood count dropped dramatically.  I went to my family doctor,  who sent me to a hematologist for evaluation.  I also consulted with my cardiologist and two other physicians.  No one could determine why my red blood count was so low and dropping.  I specifically asked them if my medications could be causing this condition and they all said “No”.  One of the doctors actually told me that my condition was very serious and in so many words “get your affairs in order”.
I then emailed Dr. Glaser and she immediately asked me to send a list of all the medications I was on.  Then, she spent her weekend researching all of them and determined that in rare, but sever cases, one of the drugs I was on could be causing my condition.  I went off that drug and immediately, my red blood count started to rise and is perfectly normal today.  She truly saved my life.  There are very few doctors out there today that give care like this.
Obviously, I will be her patient for life.