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It’s Your Choice: Is estrogen therapy necessary?

Trouble Shooting

Healthy Hair

Female Symptom Sheet (MRS)

Male Symptom Sheet (AMS)


Hot Flashes

Hot Flash Recomendations

Adrenal: Physiologic doses of hydrocortisone

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Good Foods, Bad Foods

Bone Loss and Bisphosphonates

Bone Health

Instructions following testosterone implant therapy

Local allergic reaction

Letter: Supporting data

Ohio Dept of Insurance Appeal Form

CPT codes for insertion of subcutaneous pellet implant

Instructions for Laser Hair Removal

Hormone balance in breast cancer survivors

Medications that increase estrogen and/or cause erectile dysfunction

Diagnostico de problemos

Tu decides (Estrogen, It’s Your Choice)


Testosterone in Men

Hair re-growth on testosterone pellets 

Testosterone and the Heart

What really is Junk Food?